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One of the biggest and most major of concerns for working professionals is finding a job with flexibility. It’s often times more important that the some of the other many benefits that the employer may have to offer. 

In the last three years the number of people quitting their job because of flexibility issues has nearly doubled. That “work-life” balance is what they are evaluating.

Maybe you relate. The work-life balance can be found when you work from home.  You can make money online working from home in a variety of fields.  Maybe you can even have a conversation with your boss about what benefits your employer would have if you could work from home. 

It’s been proven that many people who work from home actually work more hours, although they are not necessarily traditional hours. The bottom line is that they get the job done and they get it done timely. 

However, not every employer can offer work-from-home opportunities. For instance, a restaurant would need their servers on site to service the patrons.  A nursing home needs their staff at the facility to care for the patients.  However, some locations may have clerical / computer jobs that could be done from home, even if part time at home and part time at work.  Those types of situations could be office work for law firms, accounting firms, or even some doctor offices. 

Maybe working from home in your current employment is not an option, but you still desire the flexibility to work from home and setting your own hours.

     Be a Consultant:  When you have experience in a particular field, you have knowledge from that experience that could help someone else. Embrace the knowledge that you have and work from home by being a consultant and help people solve what ails them. You can work as much or little as you want. You set the schedule and you decide how much you can be paid for your time and expertise.

     Online Teacher or Educator: If you are already a teacher and are looking to get away from the traditional classroom setting, consider teaching online. You can instruct students through the world-wide-web. There are many students out there who are looking to take on-line classes. May colleges offer this now and need teachers to help facilitate this type of activity. You would need to have knowledge in the field and potentially a degree.

     Be a VA:  Are you organized? Do you like to help others be organized and minimum their administrative workload? Then you can be in business for yourself or for another company by being a virtual assistant. Make money online while you work from home helping others be more productive.

     Fashion Assistant: Maybe you have the perfect eye for fashion and can put outfits together. There are many of us out there that cannot quite get it right. Be that personal fashion stylist. The greatest perk is shopping with someone else’s money.

     Graphic Design: Being an artist in today’s world can be easier than in years past because of the technology available. However, when you have a creative mind, you can assist others to make that perfect logo, which is unique and genuine for their business. You can help edit photos and enhance a company’s website – all while you work from home.

     Blogger: If there is a topic of which you are very interested and very knowledgeable, you can share that knowledge as a Blogger. Start your own blog. You will build your wining portfolio in a short period of time and will get on an editor’s radar. This can lead to great potential as a writer and a great way to make money online while you work from home.

     Social Media Manager: Get paid to help others manage their Facebook, twitter, pinterest, or even instagram. How good are you with these platforms? Many people have a great ideas and products to market so that they can make money online, but they cannot manage their social media platforms. Another great opportunity to work from home is for you to offer your services through a couple of these areas. Check out to get started helping others right away. 

     Taxi Service: Most of the listing previously mentioned talks about administrative and computer work. Maybe sitting in front of a computer isn’t for you and you prefer to get out an about. Sign up to be a Lyft or Uber Driver. You can definitely set your own hours and have the work-life balance. It’s not the traditional work-from-home job, but it is flexible. 

     Travel Consultant: Vacation travel plans can be daunting! Airfare rates, hotel options, entertainment opportunities can be overwhelming. If you like to do this type of thing, be that travel consultant for another family or business traveler. You can help people find the discounts and create a memorable trip.

     Be a Customer Shopper or Critic: Many businesses out there ask for secret shoppers to come and explore their business and provide feedback on the products and customer service they experience. Many restaurants are looking for the same with regard to their food and service. You can be a food critic or a hotel evaluator. You simply write reviews and provide the feedback needed for the business to improve and become all that they can be.

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