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Some of us like the hustle and bustle of going out and about for our career.  Others, however, would prefer to work from home and avoid the traffic, the workplace drama and the travel time.  However, do you have the right personality to work from home?

Have you taken the personality test that identifies you as one of the four personality types?.  Did it tell you that you are suited to work from home?  Not necessarily.  This personality test is taken assuming everyone is working together in an office environment.  This test doesn’t apply to a world where virtual reality threatens workplace offices, potentially making them obsolete.

There are those who can work from home and be successful.  It depends on what you wish to accomplish and your personality.  For instance, if you want to author a book, you could work from home.  You could even potentially have it published without ever leaving your home.

There are several personality traits that we may find in people who are highly successful when they work from home.

Introvert:  Those persons who have the introverted characteristic, will find the work place a bit daunting.  They are the ones that you will find in their office or cubicle, focused on their job and not necessarily joining in with the office chatter.  The extravert, however, thrives on the conversations, the input and workplace camaraderie.  Working from home could drive the extravert crazy because they need the social interaction.  The introvert can have enough social interactive virtually and be happy while they work from home.

Disciplined:  The person who will work from home needs to be a self-started and self-disciplined.  They can set a routine and stick with it.  When you work in an office with others, there are two sources of external motivation:   Peer Pressure AND The Boss looking over your shoulder.  Without these external motivation, a person who would work from home could potentially play video games all day and get nothing else done – unless that is what they get paid for.  There is the general house work, kids homes from school, and accessible food that could be temptations to keep you from getting your work done.  With this all said, you need to be self-disciplined and set a routine you can stick with.

Computer and Technical Literate:  When you work outside of the home, you would have an IT department or expert on staff that can help with any computer or other equipment challenges.  When you work from home, you are IT.  So I recommend that you either have a very good IT company you can get quick assistance close by, or you become very comfortable solving those glitch issues.  When you work from home, like most other jobs, time is money and you don’t want to spend a lot of unproductive hours trying to fix a problem.

Ability To Sell:  When you go on an interview, you sell yourself to the company and if you have done a good job, you receive the reward of employment.  You continue to sell yourself simply by showing up and doing your job.  When you work from home, however, this is not the case.  If you work from home for a company, you may be continually selling yourself by creating more reports, stats and other information to prove the job you are paid to do is getting done.  If you have your own company, and you work from home to make money online, you are continually selling yourself and your company to the general populations.  Understanding your target audience and selling your niche is an important trait to be successful.

I wish you much success in your endeavors.  Should you have questions for additional suggestions, or have suggestions to share, please comment below. 

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