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Work from Home and Make Money OnlineWorking from home to make money online sounds great, but you need to be sure to do your homework before signing up. There are many scams outs there and you don’t want to get caught in them.

Recently I watched a news report that said, “the easiest thing to remember about work-at-home offers is if they come to you first, they are fake”. I can’t say that this is entirely true, but you do want to do your research before jumping in and believing their offer as truth.

Make Money Online with Wealth AffiliateIf they as for an upfront fee for your personal information, it’s likely fake. Also, if they send you a check to deposit in order to “start”, it is likely a scam. Beware!  Don’t take money from your bank just yet. 

There are a few jobs that you can find to make money online that allows you to work from home.

     1. Customer Service Agent – This involves taking calls for companies, not telemarketing.
      2. Internet Ad Assessor – the job involves making sure search engines make accurate searches.
      3. Website Testers – Test website for companies to make sure they run correctly and their links work properly.
      4. Virtual Assistant – Be an assistant for others who can’t afford a full time assistant, or don’t have actual office space for you to drive to.

When you google anyone of these keywords underlined above, you will find many opportunities from which to choose. Pick one or two. When you get results, don’t settle. Continue to do your research to validate that the company is legitimate.

Google the company you think would be a good fit. Check out their reviews online. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau’s website as well to see if there have been any complaints about the company.Better Business Bureau

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