Work from Home for a Work-Home Life Balance

Work Life Home Life BalanceFinding that work-home life balance has been a struggle for decades.  With the new normal need for most households to have two incomes, finding the time to do everything is hard.  For single parents with one income, this becomes even more challenging.  Working parents, especially, find it difficult to create that balance between work life and home life. 

Dealing with domestic work and working the professional job becomes a huge juggling act.  You are lucky if you have two adults in the household to help with this juggling act.  Even dividing and conquering the shuttling of kids, domestic chores and your “day jobs” can still create some chaos. 

Helpful TipsHowever, this work-life / home-life balance is a must.  If you choose to work for life and don’t want to fail your family, you may want to consider these helpful tips. 

Flexible Hour Job:   In today’s world of the internet, you can be given the opportunity to work from home in many industries.  Finding the job that allows you to work from home can give you flexible hours you need to be available for the family.  In most cases when you work from home, you can set your own hours.  Maybe you work better after the kids are in bed.  Maybe you work better very early in the morning before the family is up and running.  

Maybe you don’t want to be stuck behind a computer all day, but would rather do a delivery service.  Doing deliveries in the middle of the day when the kids are in school maybe the perfect job for you.  There are so many opportunities.  If you google “work from home jobs” you will find more opportunities than your brain can wrap around. 

It's Ok to Not Be PerfectBe OK:   To create a work-life balance, you may find that you are not perfect and cannot perform all of the jobs at 100% all of the time.  That is OK.  If you are able to balance your time between work and home, you are perfect.  You and your family do not need to have the full 6 course meal every night for dinner after you have worked an 8 or 10 hour day.  On the other hand, it’s OK to take a day of work now and then.  A good employee does take time to rejuvenate themselves. 

I’m not an advocate of calling off work, but arranging to take some time off ahead of time is fair to your employer, good for your family but most importantly great for your soul! 

When you take time for yourself, you are refreshed and ready to go to be the best for your family and your job.

Delegate / Find Support:  You need a partner.  A successful person doesn’t do it alone.  It take a team.  It takes delegation and support to help get everything done.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  At work, maybe you have an assistant that could do more for you, but you don’t ask.  Why not?  Maybe you have a partner at home that can help with things, but they don’t because you just do it.  

Even if you work from home, you still need support because you still have work to do to be successful.  Whether you fill your hours with work outside the home, a job where you work from home, or domestic chores, you still need help to be successful! 

Team Effort:  Together Everyone Achieves MoreTo make sure you find the work-life balance you must share the responsibilities with others who can help you.  At work, find a partner who can share in your duties.  At home, find a partner (even if you have to pay an outsider to assist with the domestic chores).  I’m sure you heard the term “TEAM”  Together Everyone Achieves More.  Build your team!

Free up your time so that you can have that work life / home life balance. 

Re-evaluate how your spend your time, how your spend the resources your have. 

Re-align your time and resources to give you that work life / home life balance.  Your employer and your family will benefit from this. 

Last but not least, this will give you time for yourself.  Re-invent yourself.  Take time to exercise or do your hobby or simply take that bubble bath! 

If you choose to work from home, read my article “Work From Home Opportunities” for some opportunities from which you can choose to make money online, using your computer while you work from home. 

Time to enjoy life while you are living it! 


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