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Good healthThe opportunity to work from home has become more and more prevalent.  With all of the technology and communication types, a person’s does not need to be in the traditional office.  Having face-to-face meetings are no longer needed, with the use of skype and other avenues for communication.

There are some people out there that need the motivation of having others around in order to be productive, however, there are some of us that are distracted by that intrinsic motivation.  Furthermore, health can be a concern if you are forced to sit all day to do your job.

If you are a lucky one to work from home, but struggle with productivity and healthy living, here are a few healthy helpful hints:

Rise and Shine – early and get some exercise.  Whether you watch a video that you follow along, go outside for a 2-mile walk or use your treadmill in the basement, do something that gets the heart pumping for a minimum of 30 minutes.

In that 30 minutes, take the time to organize your thoughts and plan your day.  If you are exercising at home, jot down your “to-do” list while you are on the stationary bike.  Setting this agenda will get your mind started and ready for the day.

Step awayTake a Break – and get that heart pumping again.  People will start to fade in the productivity as the day drags on.  This hits hard especially after the lunch hour.  Break away and break through that mental fatigue by getting physical.   Do jumping jacks, or go for a short, but fast-paced walk.  Get some fresh air.  I do caution you that you do not take too long of a break as you must get back to your productive day.

This not only helps the mental fade, but it also helps to prevent back pain, which is often found to occur when sitting too long and too often.

Hand and Eye Awareness:  If you work from home, than you probably sit near aKeyboard computer most of the day.  Excessive typing can lead to challenges with carpal tunnel or other “aching hand” issues.   Be sure that you have the proper protection for your hands.  There are proper keyboard to help prevent this pain.

Blurry vision and problems focusing are two common symptoms that you are straining your eyes.  Staring a Computer Glassescomputer all day can be the problem.  This can cause headaches, and other vision challenges that can reduce your productivity.  You may want to try a pair of computer glasses from Felix Gray.  They filter blue light and eliminate glare.  By reducing these, you an reduce the chance of eye strain.

Some people think that those who work from home have it easy,  sleep in late, stay in their pajamas all day and are not necessarily as productive.  The truth is that some are more productive in the traditional work space, while others are productive when they work from home.  The important thing, whether you work from home, or work outside the home, you need to be productive and stay healthy.  A healthy person is always going to be more productive at the end of the day / year!

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