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It seems there are a lot of businesses converting to the remote office.  So many services are offered online and communication through email and the internet has become the way of the world.  My daughter is a virtual assistant, working from home and doing payroll, invoicing, and other clerical or accounting duties from the comfort of her own home.

I have friends who used to work in offices for state associations, but due to the high cost of rent, they have downsized their space, not their employees, by allowing them to work from home.  They get the team together for meetings through Skype, webex or they simply meet at a restaurant when it is required.

Some people need the interaction with others and want to go to an office, while there are some who prefer working from home.   If you are someone who wants to make money online by working from home, consider your options.  In these times of cyber space and internet marketing, you have so many options:


Be a  virtual assistant  (VA): 

This is where you can do clerical, typing and accounting work for a company in your own home.  This company can be from anywhere in the world.  If you google “virtual assistant jobs” you get more than 11,000 results.  You can find the right one.  I do caution you to check reviews on the company you choose to avoid scams.    You can see the description of a VA in the screen shot.

There are many reputable companies out there.  My daughter works for a good company and is able to work from home.  She is home with her children, and has no child care challenges.


Be an Affiliate Marketer:

If you have any knowledge as a marketer this may be your option.  Heck, even if you don’t, this may be your option.  I am a sales person, marketing has never really been my forte, but I have found this niche of being an affiliate marketer for eBay, Amazon and Wealthy Affiliate.

When you do affiliate marketing, you can make money online by marketing the product of another company.  When an internet surfer finds your site, and clicks to connect with one of your affiliate companies you receive a commission for any items they purchase.  The commissions can range from 4-10% of the purchase price.  Each company is different in their commission they pay and some even have different commission rates based on the product that is sold.  Check out my reviews of the following companies: 


Wealthy Affiliate


Build your own E-commerce store:

You can have your own online store front where you sell product.  Even going this route, you will find that there are a couple of options.

Have your own product, sell it, ship it and warrant it.     This would require inventory, warehouse space and manpower

Create a niche product, find a drop-shipper to manage the inventory and sell the product on your site.  With this method, there is no need for inventory, warehousing, shipping                  requirements or manpower. You do need to find a drop shipper and manage the orders.

Google “drop shipping company” to see what you find.

There many options to make money online.  Do typing for someone;  be a support person for computer programs;  build software; be an affiliate or have your own online store.  The world is as opened as your mind is to work from home, and make money online at your convenience.

If I can do it, I know you can too!  I hope this post has spurred some ideas in your mind to help you become successful!

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