Understanding Affiliate Marketing

There is so much to learn about Affiliate marketing so that you can make money online.  There are good ones, there are ones that are not so good.  


  1. Having a proven product that you can sell online
  2. No need to carrying an inventory
  3. No shipping hassles
  4. No return challenges
  5. Knowing your purchases are taken care of

When you have a product and company that you can trust and does have your best interest at heart, you know you can support them and help them be profitable as well.  To be part of an larger company that loves having affiliate marketers on their team, can be a rewarding experience.  You receive a commission on products that they ship, they service and take back as a return if necessary.  You are simply marketing their product on a broader scope to help them make money online.  You, in turn, make money online because you receive a commission for doing a good job.  


  1. Hidden fees
  2. Upfront costs
  3. Terms and conditions
  4. All of the dos and don’ts

Some affiliate programs out there will request that you pay upfront a cost.  This cost/fee can be minimal, but can also be very costly.    Sometimes, there are hidden fees.  After you pay the upfront money, you find that in order to continue to have the program, you continue to pay.    Also be sure to read the terms and conditions that can sometimes “read like a book”.  You may need a lawyer to decipher some of the language for you.  Lastly, by reading the terms and conditions of your affiliate program, be sure you have a clear understanding of what you can and cannot do.  Marketing a certain way, using certain photos, etc.; this can cause fines, or disqualify you for the commission that you worked so hard to get.  


Being an affiliate can be a great thing if you investigate and know what company you are assisting in selling their products.  There are some great companies out there that provide ample information and great benefits to be an affiliate for them.    I’ve written a review about several affiliate programs of which I participate.  Take a look and let me know your thoughts.    Check out my blog posts about the various affiliate program reviews here

Amazon, Swagbucks and Wealthy Affiliate have been proven to be great opportunities.   


I appreciate all feedback, as possibly you have had some experience with another affiliate, whether good or bad.  Thank you for your time.  


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4 thoughts on “Understanding Affiliate Marketing”

  1. It is always a problem for people who are searching for ways to earn an income online there are so many scams around it is always good to hear from people who have tried them out first, affiliate marketing is a good way forward whilst your learning and as you say if you do not want the hassle of storing products

  2. This is a lovely straight forward article. I am glad to hear that you enjoy affiliate marketing. I thought your advice on the top 4 things to look out for with affiliate marketing was great. I have stumbled across companies that wanted to charge me Hidden fees. I don’t believe that I should have to pay any upfront costs to promote their products either. This is great advice for anyone just starting out. My question is, I was just wondering which program out of Amazon, Swagbucks and Wealthy Affiliate is your personal favourite?

    1. Thank you for your comments.  I must say that although I love Wealthy Affiliate because the commissions are larger, it does take a little more work to market it.  Amazon would be my favorite because it’s easy to share on social media direct from their site.  If you have a favorite, you may feel free to share here as well. 

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