Time for a Change!

Is it time for you to make a change?  Change often makes way for progress and, ultimately, success, but can be painful and anxiety producing in the process. Have you ever examined the concept of organizational or personal change, typical expectations and realities, and strategies for successfully managing change?  To be successful, change may be required. 

Maybe you are happy with the status quo.  There is nothing wrong with that, but if you are not, then to break the status quo requires change.  Are you ready? 


Here are some tips for riding the waves of change with your sanity intact:

  • Solidify your support: align yourself with a group and/or nurture relationships with friends and family members with positive outlooks. 
  • Appreciate nature:  Go for a leisurely walk in the park or sit by a river.  Experience a deep sense of sacredness of all things, like the splendor of the spring day.  This can ease stress and put your issues into perspective. 
  • Look on the bright side:  With many changes come excitement, a sense of adventure and the opportunity for personal growth.
  • Flex your change muscles: Change gets easier when you do it often, so force yourself to experience enjoyable change frequently, especially if you haven’t changed much in a while or you feel stuck in a rut. You might, for example, take a different route to work every other week, get involved in a new hobby or enroll in a class that interests you. 
  • Stay in good physical shape:  Before and during times of change it’s important to stay in good physical shape and not let your eating habits slide.  Healthy nutrition and regular exercise can help your body support you.

So, tell me.  What change are you looking for?  Are you looking for a better physic?  Less Stress and a more carefree life?  Financial Freedom?   If you are ready for change, take the necessary steps, make the change you want and don’t give up until you have reached the desired result.  It is ultimately up to you.  YOU are the only one that can make that change. 

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