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PRODUCT_NAME    Swagbuck
Overall Ranking:      7 out of 10
Price:                              $0
Website:                       Swagbucks


This website will help you gain rewards, credits and points.  Its free to join.  It’s a great way to browse the internet, shop online, and complete surveys. 

This is not a “get rich quick” idea and is not intended for that purpose.  It’s simply a way to help gain rewards for things you already do. 

How many times do you surf the net, shop online or consider filling out a survey?  Well, then why not be rewarded for your time.


It’s free to join

You earn points while you shop

You earn points while browsing the internet

You can become an affiliate by inviting others and make more points


It can take a while to earn points

You need to remember to browse through Swagbucks

This will not  make a full-time income



After CAREFUL review of this website against many others, this is a good website to earn points which can convert to cash (making money online) while you do things that you do every day. 

The website itself has many offerings and lots of details with how it works, and how to get started. 

For those looking for a way to earn points and extra cash this may be just the thing for you.  By logging into Swagbucks under your own personal account you can take surveys, shop, browse for information on ideas that interest you or refer a friend to do the same and earn Swagbucks.


CLICK HERE to sign up for your own Swagbucks account.


I welcome feedback and comments on the above matter.  Please share your experience!  





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2 thoughts on “Swagbucks Review”

  1. Hi Jenny, I really enjoyed your post “Swagbucks Review, I have heard about Swagbucks for years, but never knew what it was. Sounds like the thing to do if you surf the internet a lot. How long has Swagbucks been in business? Have you ever heard if they are reliable to pay you what you earn? Thanks again!
    With Kind Regards,

    1. I’m relatively new to Swagbucks and from what I’m finding, they have been around for a short period of time. (one to two years). I have not cashed in any Swagbucks yet, but as time moves on, I plan to. It doesn’t cost anything, so it doesn’t hurt to at least try it for a while to see if it works for you.

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