ShareASale Review is a good way to start your affiliate marketing campaign to make money online.  

Overall Ranking:      7 out of 10
Price:                              $0 – NO COSTS

If you do not know where to look to find an affiliate program, this could be the program for you.  When you join this network, you will gain access to a vast array of other affiliate programs.  It provides a quick and easy-to-read status of each merchant.  

All of your merchant payments are paid into and once your commission reaches the amount of $50 or more, they will see that you are paid.  

There is no fee to part of this program, and you are NEVER requested to send money to them.  Please note, however, if you account becomes inactive for a 6-month period of time, they can charge you an administration fee of $25 month, or until the account is closed.  Basically, if you have a balance between $25 and$50, in your inactive account, they will deduct this money as a fee, for the next two months, and then close your account, due to inactivity.  

There is a tracking and reporting system that covers all of your affiliate programs that you join within ShareASale.  There is NO commission or bonus that I have seen for referring ShareAsale to another person.  


Every group you join will have pros and cons about them.  Here is my take on it.  


  1. A VAST list of affiliate programs that you can compare based  on commission payouts
  2. Great tracking and reporting system for all of the affiliate programs that you join within
  3. Detailed information on each merchant, the commission payouts to affiliates, etc.  
  4. No fee to be paid in order to be part of this group
  5. Easy-to-read and comprehend terms and conditions.  


  1. Read the terms and conditions.  There are many dos and don’ts listed.  This reads like a book, however it is easy to understand.
  2. There is no commission paid to you, should you refer to another potential affiliate marketer.  Your commissions are earned by promoting merchants within  
  3. Each merchant will have their own terms and conditions in which to abide.  




If you are great with research and can easily find your own affiliate programs and you have your own way of tracking your sales, you may not want to use this program.  However, if you have no clue where to start, need help in finding affiliate programs with good payouts and would require help with tracking your sales and commissions, this program is for you.


I welcome feedback and comments on the above matter.  Please share your experience!  

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