Passive Income-(Make Money Online while you sleep)

Really?  Can that really happen?

What is meant by “passive income”?  Well, basically it means that you can make money while you sleep because another venue is working on your behalf – such as the internet. That’s the beauty of it.  You can be sleeping, swimming, or on vacation having a fun-filled day with the family and still be making money.

An active income is described as doing a job in return for an income – WORKING!  Most of us have an active income.  Most of us work so hard making that active income to have things and go places that we end up not finding the time to enjoy all that we work so hard to get.  We work long hard hours and are stressed beyond expression.

Further, with the demands of the world and the demands that we place on ourselves, we feel that if we work more, we can get more of that active income.  However, is it worth how tired we get?   We fill up those after-work hours with more work to make more money to have more things and to go more places that now we need even more money.  It’s a horrible cycle in which we find ourselves.

Did you know that statistics show that 70% of the population does not even like their job? They still work hard at their job because they need to support themselves and their families.  There is only 30% of the people who are lucky enough to make an active income with a job they love.  With that said, they still work hard and get tired.

If you want to quit your day job and start making a passive income, then it’s time to make a change for the better.  You can have the money and the time that you want to enjoy life in the manner that you desire.  Passive income is the key.  Take charge of your future and start making money while you sleep.

Here are a two methods you should consider:

E-commerce:  Having your own store online wherein people can purchase a product from you.  This product can be one that you manufacture, or one that you purchase and re-sell.

Affiliate Marketing:  Find avenues, like social media or your own website wherein you can market a product of another company.  When someone makes a purchase from your marketing efforts, you receive a commission.

I have tried both methods and have found that affiliate marketing works best for me.  Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect affiliate company to start with simply because they can help you build your website, train you to marketing your site and provide you a product for which you would get a commission.  A one-stop-shop.  Millions of people have been and are currently successful marketing a product and is able to make money online while they sleep.  Maybe you would like to grasp your financial future by the hand and lead it in the life your deserve.


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6 thoughts on “Passive Income-(Make Money Online while you sleep)”

  1. Hi JL
    Your headline really drew me to your post.I`m never one to leave comments on websites but I feel the need to write and thank you for making my dreams get abit closer.
    As most people I`ve dreamt of making money online but always felt confused not knowing where to start or how exactly to get started.
    I have wanted to quit my day job for years now, tired of office politics and having to tolerate people I don’t care about 8 hours a day 5 days a week.
    Now I`ve not heard much about passive income but reading your post, I can see and begin to understand how this works.
    Now you mention selling another company`s products and getting paid, where do I find these companies? how will they know I made a sale?how will I know which product they have or what I can sell?
    My questions may seem……….useless? to you, but I`m new to online world so everything is foreign to me, like learning to speak a new language.
    Thanks for your answers and for sharing this very informative post.

    1. Affiliate marketing is selling another companies product.  Almost any company out there offers affiliate marketing.  If you have a niche product and or know the name of a reputable company that you would like to do business with, google it.  Google “affiliate marketing opportunites” and you will get over two millions listings.  Companies like Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and Amazon are just a few.   You may also check out Share-A-Sale or FlexOffers (see my reviews on the links).  These two companies offer you  a list of companies and you can search by product type.  Take a look and let me know how you do.

  2. Thank you for this information, JL. E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing are a certainly a couple of the more popular options to begin an online marketing journey. While there are countless options out there (and plenty of bad ones) I would have to agree with you the Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice out there. It is comforting knowing that you have an every growing community of like-minded, helpful individuals at your fingertips 24/7!

    1. You are so right.  At your fingertips, you can ask a question and get an answer within just a few hours, if not sooner.  This community of individuals are helpful, inspirational and cheering for you the whole way. 

  3. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds. I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing for 8 months and haven’t made one penny.

    It has taken a long time to build my website and it’s far from complete. Have put hours into its development.

    Can only hope that one day it will start working for me.

    I do love what I do though.

    1. A website will always be a work in progress.  Learning to make money online is much like getting a college education.  It does take time.   Wealthy Affiliate has been my go to assistance for building and maintaining my website.  The instructions were clear and concise.  https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c…  You can check out this site out if you’d like.  Be patience.  All good things do take time.  Keep reaching for the end goal, passive income and financial freedom. 

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