2 thoughts on “Pack Your Bags for a Better Life -Video”

  1. Hello JLMarker,
    Thanks for providing the inspiring video. It’s interesting to hear the things that you tried that didn’t work, but making one good decision changed everything. Most of these online service require some kind of upfront fee so it’s great to hear that this one doesn’t. That way you can try it and if it’s not right for you, that’s it then. I will be watching to see what other profitable discoveries you make in the online space.

    1. I spent a lot of money having an ecommerce site built and use some drop shippers to supply the product.  I found that finding a drop shipping company was challenging for me and my ecommerce site ended up being a dud.  I got caught up on many scams which were more like the MLM – pyramid scheme.  Wealthy Affiliate does not request any up front fees.  Wealthy Affiliate is so sure of their product that they are willing to teach you to build a website (actually up to 2) and host them for free.  You are taught to market it and can start making money without ever paying any money.  You only cost if your time.  As you progress through your learning and earning, you can choose to sign up for their premium level.  It’s your choice.  Good luck to you. 

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