Motivating Others For Change

Are you ready for change?  Are you ready for the challenges that come with making the change?  Are you prepared to motivate others for change you find necessary to grow your business? 

Do you have employees or a partner in your business and need to motivate them to see the change you feel is appropriate for growth?

Most work settings include employees, partners or sometimes even family members with a wide range of backgrounds, skills, values and goals.  With that said, finding ways to motivate each individual presents it’s own set of challenges.

You need to meet your employees and/or partners where they are,  increasing the likelihood that your requests for change will be heard and acted upon.

There are few steps to take in order to motivate in the right direction.

  1.  Contemplation:   Your partner or employee may not feel there is a need for change, because they don’t see a problem with the status quo.  Maybe a report needs to be changed for simplicity, maybe timelines are not met because the process is too intense.
    1. Strategy:  Talk about the reports, the process and get their input on potentially a better process.  Let them provide buy in so that they can be invested in the change.  At first they may seem a bit ambivalent.  Give them time to contemplate.
  2. Preparation:  At this stage your partner/employee is no longer ambivalent, but rather committed to investing the changes needed.
    1. Strategy:  Encourage them to problem solve and develop an actions.  Offer some suggestions.  Provide feed back and request time frame for development.  Empower this person
  3. Action:  This is where the other person make daily efforts to implement the change instigated.  Provide continual feed back and guidance
  4. Maintenance:  The change is implemented, but you need to remain vigilant in order to avoid falling back into old patterns.  Continually ask for ideas of improvements, ideas to better the company, ideas to grow the business.  Provide positive feedback and discuss obstacles is key.

Don’t fall into the trap of providing the answers, but gently guide your team to be creative in finding the best solutions to betterment of your organization.

Ultimately, you are creating growth for not only your business, but also your teammate and you.

1.  Your employee or partners feels empowered to make decisions and be creative for the growth of the company.

2.  You grow in your leadership role by assisting others to expand their horizons.

3.  Your company will grow because you all have more time to focus on great opportunities for the company.


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