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The Internet Never SleepsAre you looking for an avenue to make money online?  Do you want to work from home or are you looking for a little extra income?  We oftentimes like the job that we have, but need a way to increase the financial bottom line.  But how do we find the time to make more money when we spend so much time with the job we like?  The answer is to allow the internet to work for you and provide passive income.

Although we would all love to have wealth beyond imagine, we will would be happy with simply wealth wherein we always would have enough with some to spare and share with others who need. 

There are a few ways to achieve passive income and make money online.  You could consider these options:

  • eBay
  • Online Retail Store
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Affiliate Marketing

eBay:  …is where you can sell your wares, stuff you no longer need, or items you craft.  You can put them on sale and let the internet market it and sell it for you. 

Online Retail Store:  …. finding a company that you can purchase a product at wholesale price, sell at retail price and fulfill for the buyer.  Marketing your own online store can be fun and rewarding. 

Virtual Assistant:  Have your own website, market your own service — accounting, clerical and other office assistant duties from your own home.  This is a great work-from-home job wherein you can be the administrative assistant virtually.  There are many companies out there that need assistance on a part time basis or on a project basis. 

Affiliate Marketing:  You can have your own website, or simply use social media avenues to marketing a product or service from another organization.  There are many companies out there that will allow you to market their products and provide you with a commission for doing so. 

I have listed a few of the thousands of organizations that offer affiliate marketing opportunities.  Click here for a link to the list.

Wealthy Affiliate is on the list above and in my opinion would be the first place Wealthy Affiliateto start.   Wealthy Affiliate can not only give you a product to market, but it can also teach to you build your own website, share on social media and market your site. 

I’ve look at many option for passive income and have been scammed many times and would never recommend a company that I feel is a scam.  This one and the ones on the list are NOT scams.  You will certainly want to investigate it for yourself and avoid the trap of scams

Wealthy Affiliate

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