Loving What You Do….

Yes, the most important thing about making money is loving what you do.  If you do not enjoy your job, why do you keep it?  Do you make enough money to support yourself and your family?  Don’t grudgingly go to your job anymore.  The choice is yours.  You can make the decision to love the job you have or get one that you do love.

Life is hard.  Life has challenges. Life is short.   Your job, the profession you do to support yourself and your family is where you spend one-third (if not more) of your life.  Actually, it is more closely to fifty (50%) of the hours you are awake.  So if you don’t enjoy your job, your profession, are you miserable? 

Choose to love your job by enjoying what you do, or change to something you do enjoy doing.  I know I’m making this sound easy.  Believe me,  it is not.  When you have a family to support and bills to pay, making a change in your profession is not easy. 

Starting a new business so that you can enjoy your profession and financial freedom is difficult and can be challenging.  You may need to keep that other job until your new endeavor takes hold, but know this, if you don’t make a change, then nothing will change and you will always be doing something you don’t love!

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  1. Great thoughts! And you’re right, Wealthy Affiliate is a pretty amazing online community. It’s helped me a ton!

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