Living the Life You Want

So ask yourself, “What can I DO today to change my life for the better?”  We are lucky to hear that according to researchers, there is something we can do about it and it’s actually very easy.

Maybe you have a nice home, and a good job, but you are wondering when the fun will begin.  You pose the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Just because you are successful, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are lead to fulfillment.   Maybe it’s time for a serious review of YOU.  Maybe you need to Repack your Bags  (a great book to read, by the way).  Here are a few suggestions on how you can develop your own vision for “the good life” and find ways to balance life’s demands.

Take a daily time out:

Don’t forget about yourself when you are busy.  For 15 minutes each day, write in a journal about things you care about.  As yourself these questions when you are contemplating your journal entries:  “Am I doing the right work?” “Do I know why I do the work I do?”  “Am I living in a place that I belong?”  You need to get to know YOU.  Explore where you live, who you love,  your work and your purpose.

Find someone to talk to:

In your self evaluation, talk to your spouse or other family members, close friends and co-workers.  They can provide valuable insight.  Use them as sounding boards and engage in courageous conversations.  You may be surprised by the talents and liabilities that others find within you.

Study your options:

Remember that there are always options and always choices that you can make to implement the change you are looking for.  You may feel stuck with some responsibilities that prevent you from acting on the change you want, but don’t assume that there is another option.  Simply explore and keep your mind option to the many options that may arise in your evaluation.

Take Your Time:

Small changes can have a large impact.  You don’t want to make the mistake of making modification immediately, but rather take your time.  Take baby steps and work toward the change you want.  The act of self-exploration can help you determine your “why”;  why you do the things you do.  It will help you to be more effective, more energized and more excited to get up on the morning as you move through the small steps of change to be living the life that you want. 

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4 thoughts on “Living the Life You Want”

  1. The most important thing is to know yourself first and foremost. What is important to your health and well being must be closely guarded, all others fall into place. Many thanks for this information.

  2. I love your whole page and also this article, there are millions of people out there not living the lives they want, they get stuck into some goals set by someone else or they are looking to make a lot of money and forget about living and enjoying their lives.

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