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PRODUCT_NAME    Flexoffers
Overall Ranking:      7 out of 10
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Website:                      FlexOffers.com

Similar to Share-A-Sale, this is a stepping stone to get you to various affiliate programs.  There is no start up costs, you simply apply to be part of the FlexOffers program.  Once you are approved with your website, you can then join many affiliate programs.  Flexoffers.com provides a location for publishers (Affiliate marketers) and Advertisers (vendors/merchants) to work together.  

As an advertiser with FlexOffers.com there are monthly fees, however, as a publisher, there are no fees to be registered with FlexOffers.com, however, as you consider becoming an affiliate with some of their participating Advertisers, fees may apply.  Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each Advertiser/merchant with whom you may wish to do business.  

Each Advertiser/Merchant has their own rules and regulations with regarding to publishing rights and varying payment terms for publishing their products and services.  



Consider the pros and cons with FlexOffers.com which reviewing the various merchant information before committing to anything.


  1. Sign up for free
  2. No fees or payment required to stay involved 
  3. Simple and easy application process 
  4. Many various Advertisers/Merchants from which to choose
  5. Easy Website to navigate
  6. Great reporting system and easy to understand


  1. Read the terms and conditions.  There are many dos and don’ts listed.  This reads like a book, however it is easy to understand.
  2. There is no commission paid to you, should you refer Flexoffers.com to another.  Your commissions are earned by promoting merchants within the FlexOffers.com program.  
  3. Each merchant will have their own terms and conditions in which to abide.  



If you are great with research and can easily find your own affiliate programs and you have your own way of tracking your sales, you may not want to use this program.  However, if you have no clue where to start, need help in finding affiliate programs with good payouts and would require help with tracking your sales and commissions, this program is for you.



I welcome feedback and comments on the above matter.  Please share your experience!

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