Fear of Failure

Fear-of-Change Finger nail biterWhat do we have to fear, but fear itself????  Right…. we have a lot of fear and we let fear drive us.  But what path does fear drive you down.  Are you heading for failure because you let fear take you there?  Are you heading for success because you direct your fear differently. 

Don’t let fear get the best of you, but use your fear to get you where you want to go. 


Some fear that we have are:

              Afraid to be taken advantage of 

How often have you taken the risk to help someone or even yourself because you really felt that it was the best deal for everyone, yet…. to your disappointment you are left feeling used, abused and taken advantage of.  Some in those pyramid scams make success on the backs of others.  It’s not right, but they don’t care because they only care about themselves and not about everyone else. 

Afraid that we will lose money in our quest for success

We have often times bought into a scam, a pyramid, or other venture driving for success, to only realize that there is no real value in the venture, in the scam and you only lose valuable time and money

Afraid of ridicule

What will your family think?  What will your friends say?  How hard are you on yourself.  When you start off, trying to make a better future, others are jealous and they attempt to sway you away from the prize.  Worse yet, especially when you have enter into one of those scams, you have nothing to fight back with, nothing to explain how you can be better and make a better life.  How do you prove to them, that it can work, when you haven’t convinced yourself?


Try, try and try again, but this time, join a team, be an affiliate and have a community of teammates to help you succeed.  YOU CAN DO IT, and WE, the team can and will help you.  Try it out now, but this time, try it for free and don’t pay anything until you feel that this is your niche!



I welcome feedback and comments on the above matter.  Please share your experience!  

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