Drama Free Life

Drama is real and can be debilitating.  Drama is also inevitable if you are going to work along side another human being.  If you are in a relationship, drama can arise as well.  Sometimes you cause it, sometimes another person does.  But how we squash the drama in our lives?  Can we actually live a life – drama free?

When we are small children, life is simple.  Life is pure and everything is exactly as it seems.  There is no pretense or preconceived notions of what someone else is thinking. 

When we become teenagers, the drama peeks pretty high as we strive to acceptance, and don’t always understand what others are thinking.  As we question their motives, jealousy, anger and other hormonal emotions make waves. 

As adults and as we get older — middle aged, we find that we want less and less drama in our lives.  We want a drama free life!  We see the simple nature of a toddler and wish for that pure thought process once again.  They are drama free!

Having a drama free life may be possible, but completely free of drama is very difficult.  The less people you interact with, the less drama you can have.  The more people in your life, the more potential drama.  The workplace breeds drama. 

If you want to avoid drama in the workplace, create your own workplace with the people that you want to work with or with no one.  Your choice!

Work from home and create your own drama free life!  Have your own business.  Why not consider affiliate marketing, ecommerce or providing a service that you can provide from the comfort of your home.  Such services may be:

accounting services – typing services – notary service –

sewing and alteration service

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