Work From Home Dangers

In this day and age of technology that allows us to communicate via email, social media and internet, the vast majority want to work from home.  Even if we don’t have a job that allows us to work from home, we still do work from home when we answer emails, texts and calls.  Whether your job is at an office away from your home, or inside your home, you should be very aware of the dangers that are associated when you work from home. 

I’ve been reading a lot of some of the negative things that can be experienced when you work from home.  I’m sure if you work from home, you may be found these out personally. 

Dinner time!  Are your phones, tablets and other devices left away from the table.  Being glued to your phone after hours can get on the nerves of those around you and may even sabotage your partner’s career.

Too many times, I have been at a family function, around a dinner table or at some other social event and as I look around the area, 50% of the people are actively using their mobile device or table.    It’s dinner time, can you put that device down long enough to enjoy an engaging conversation with those around you?

Here is a small list of the many dangers you may encounter when you work from home. 

KILLING THE MOOD:  Answering an work email, or text while off-hours at home can spread unhappiness that will seep into your home life.  It has been identified in a survey that there is a link between people who answer emails while at home and the spouses or partners who were less happy at home and at work.  This can potentially affect your partner’s work satisfaction and overall performance, even at work.  

WORK-LIFE BALANCE LOST:  There are many ways to bring work home.  Cell phones, however, are the most demanding of our attention which can, in turn, cause a dramatic effect on the marriage and our mental health.  We think that getting that extra email or text answered while home will help reduce the work load for the next day, but eventually this mind set catches up with us on the home-life side of things.   

TIME – A LOST RESOUCE:  “Time” is one of our most precious resources and we must use our time wisely.   If we were to understand how we spend our time, you may see that we can break this time out in three increments.

8 hours for Rest, Relaxation, Rejuvenation:  This is the time we spend sleeping, and renewing our minds and bodies  It’s not to stay that you NEED to sleep 8 hours, but maybe sleep 7 hours, and exercise for an hour.  Maybe you need more sleep and will have to modify this schedule, but this is important for your mental and physical heath, so that you can work and play more efficiently and effectively. 

8 hours for work:  Work is how we survey and feed our families.  We need our jobs to provide for our shelter, our clothing and the food on our tables.  Be present at work mentally, and physically and do your best.  This is true whether you work from home, or your work outside of the home. 

8 hours for family :  Our most precious commodity is our family, but we limit the time with them because we commute to work, we need to home chores, but take this time to do chores together, make it a family effort and be present with each other.  Don’t spend this time on work email, or text or on your another electronic device – unless you are doing it all together.    Quality time with your family is very much needed.  For every minute you use on work during home time, you lose the value resource of time.  

BURNOUT:  Everyone needs to rest and take a break.  We call it vacation.  If you think that things cannot happen without you, you may just find out the hard way that they can go on without you, because you will get burned out, potentially get sick and be down for the count, or worse—the stress could actually kill you!  Take the time to step away, and rest, relax and rejuvenate. 

Employers and employees alike need to realize, respect and protect personal time.  It’s important to take an active role in reducing the level of work that intrudes upon home life.  There is a time to unplug and live life.

If you spend your precious home time resource on work, then someone else is left to pick up the slack of the home chores or that quality time with your family is gone, never to be gotten. 

It is up to us, each individual, to find that perfect work life – home life balance and have our time used for quality moments.  I’ve heard people say that “time is on our side”, but is it really?  The clock keeps ticking and this precious resource is limited.  Work when you need to work, and play when you can play.  There is a good balance to be had.  Find your balance.

Tell us how you manage your time in the comment section below.


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Build Your Website – Build Your Business – But HOW?

Have you aspired to own your business?  Have you wondered where to start?  Maybe you have a great product or service to share with the world, but are clueless on how to get started. 

In today’s world of social media, internet and online shoppers, having your own website to promote your product can help you reach millions of people in a very short period of time.  But then again, where do you begin?  Well…., you will need a website.

Things to consider when building your website is knowing your company name.  Select your company name, stick with it and make it your brand.  You can always change the logo, although it is preferred that you try to be consistent for a good while for branding purposes.  Then you can move on to your website. 

The essential step-by-step process for making your own website would be as follows:

Get your domain name.  — This doesn’t have to be your company name, as most people do, but it should reflect what you provide.  For instance, if you provide kitchen appliances, you may want the work “kitchen” in to your domain name.

Choose a Web Host and Sign up for your account.  This is the company that is going to post (or host) your website on the internet.  Some companies can charge a nominal fee of $10 per month.  Others may charge your more, be sure you investigate and compare what they are offering.

Design your website (web pages). – Again there are companies out there than can charge your a hefty penny for their expertise in building websites.  However, it’s a good idea for you to learn to do this yourself because you will be the one that has to maintain it and make changes.  Of course if you have the money and want to pay a maintenance fee to a company to maintain it for you, go for it. 

Test your Website  Be sure to test your website.  Every page may have links to other pages or other sites, you will want to check every page and every link on every page to make sure that they direct people to where you want them to go. 

Get Your Site Noticed:  When you build your website you will want to sign up for google analytics and other google webmaster tools that can help you monitor if your site is being noticed and if you are getting visitors to your site.  Google is great about giving you this information and helping you to create ways to reach more people.

Collect Credit Cards  Once you start getting visitors to your site and they wish to purchase your products, you need to have an avenue to collect credit card payments.  Most people start with using PayPal as it’s the easiest way to get started free.  I suggest using this as you get started, but keep in mind, that there are fees associated and you may be able to find another way to accept money and pay lower fees in the process. So get started with Paypal, but investigate other methods. maybe an option to consider. 

Wealthy AffiliateThe best and easiest way I have found to get all of the above done is with Wealthy Affiliate.  This company can provide you a product to market, can you direct you to getting your domain name, build you site easily, connect with google analytics and webmaster tools and continually teach you on keeping your website fresh, renewed and noticed!  The best part is that you can get started for FREE. 

Feel free to check out my Review on Wealthy Affiliate.  There is no obligation to read the review and see what I’ve learned.  Then if you wish to sign up for free to get started, simply click the start button. 

I’m wishing you all the success in all of your endeavors.

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Work from Home Opportunities

Work from Home and Make Money OnlineWorking from home to make money online sounds great, but you need to be sure to do your homework before signing up. There are many scams outs there and you don’t want to get caught in them.

Recently I watched a news report that said, “the easiest thing to remember about work-at-home offers is if they come to you first, they are fake”. I can’t say that this is entirely true, but you do want to do your research before jumping in and believing their offer as truth.

Make Money Online with Wealth AffiliateIf they as for an upfront fee for your personal information, it’s likely fake. Also, if they send you a check to deposit in order to “start”, it is likely a scam. Beware!  Don’t take money from your bank just yet. 

There are a few jobs that you can find to make money online that allows you to work from home.

     1. Customer Service Agent – This involves taking calls for companies, not telemarketing.
      2. Internet Ad Assessor – the job involves making sure search engines make accurate searches.
      3. Website Testers – Test website for companies to make sure they run correctly and their links work properly.
      4. Virtual Assistant – Be an assistant for others who can’t afford a full time assistant, or don’t have actual office space for you to drive to.

When you google anyone of these keywords underlined above, you will find many opportunities from which to choose. Pick one or two. When you get results, don’t settle. Continue to do your research to validate that the company is legitimate.

Google the company you think would be a good fit. Check out their reviews online. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau’s website as well to see if there have been any complaints about the company.Better Business Bureau

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