Beware and Avoid Scams

We all will be looking for ways to make a little extra money at different times of the year or in different times of our life.  Here are few helpful hints to help prevent being caught in scam. 

     1.  If they offer you a large sum of money for a simple task to be done, you should be cautious.  It’s likely you will do a job, but not get paid, or may end of paying out instead. 

     2.  When they refuse to give you the full details in writing.  Ask for complete information in writing. Look carefully at any documentation provided to make sure it answers all of your questions. If the “employer” won’t give details, or doesn’t respond to questions, don’t do business with them.

      3.  Unsolicited Job offers.—. If you receive an offer out of nowhere for a job and you had not applied, it’s probably a scam.  Do not give them any information, especially your social security number or bank account information. 

     4.   High pressure to commit.  If someone is pressuring to “start now” with them, don’t!  It’s more likely a selling technique rather than a job opportunity.  Don’t be in a hurry to accept an unsolicited offer, or to make a business investment, particularly if the other party is pressuring you to commit and spend money now. Google and do your research on the company first!  There is never a deal so good that you cannot walk away from it. 

 Giving away money    5.   Asking for up-front money.    Why would you pay someone else to work for them when they should be paying you.  If they as you for money upfront, it should throw up a red flag to you.  You never pay money to start a job. 

     6.  Beware of imposters. There are those “not so nice” guys out there who love to impersonate real employers. If you come across a job listing that looks like it’s from a recognizable company, take the time to double check on the company’s official website. If you do not find the position listed on their website, it’s likely a scam. 

     7.  Avoid job opportunities with companies that do not provide a physical location or address.  A valid phone number and website should be available as well, however, a website and phone number is not enough proof that the business actually exists. 

     8.  If you do decide to take a leap of faith and wire your money, consider it a lesson learned and that money is gone forever.  You just may have been scammed!  Scam artisits will often ask for you to wire or send money first.  DON’T! 

There are valid businesses out there that are asking for help from those of us who wish to work from home.  You can find them.  Just do your homework.  Google them.  Check out the website.  Talk to a real person about the job and get your questions answered before you ever sign up.  You should never send money to get started.  When you work, you get paid, you don’t pay.  Keep that in mind. 

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