Make Money Online -Where To Start

The Internet Never SleepsAre you looking for an avenue to make money online?  Do you want to work from home or are you looking for a little extra income?  We oftentimes like the job that we have, but need a way to increase the financial bottom line.  But how do we find the time to make more money when we spend so much time with the job we like?  The answer is to allow the internet to work for you and provide passive income.

Although we would all love to have wealth beyond imagine, we will would be happy with simply wealth wherein we always would have enough with some to spare and share with others who need. 

There are a few ways to achieve passive income and make money online.  You could consider these options:

  • eBay
  • Online Retail Store
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Affiliate Marketing

eBay:  …is where you can sell your wares, stuff you no longer need, or items you craft.  You can put them on sale and let the internet market it and sell it for you. 

Online Retail Store:  …. finding a company that you can purchase a product at wholesale price, sell at retail price and fulfill for the buyer.  Marketing your own online store can be fun and rewarding. 

Virtual Assistant:  Have your own website, market your own service — accounting, clerical and other office assistant duties from your own home.  This is a great work-from-home job wherein you can be the administrative assistant virtually.  There are many companies out there that need assistance on a part time basis or on a project basis. 

Affiliate Marketing:  You can have your own website, or simply use social media avenues to marketing a product or service from another organization.  There are many companies out there that will allow you to market their products and provide you with a commission for doing so. 

I have listed a few of the thousands of organizations that offer affiliate marketing opportunities.  Click here for a link to the list.

Wealthy Affiliate is on the list above and in my opinion would be the first place Wealthy Affiliateto start.   Wealthy Affiliate can not only give you a product to market, but it can also teach to you build your own website, share on social media and market your site. 

I’ve look at many option for passive income and have been scammed many times and would never recommend a company that I feel is a scam.  This one and the ones on the list are NOT scams.  You will certainly want to investigate it for yourself and avoid the trap of scams

Wealthy Affiliate

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Work From Home Dangers

In this day and age of technology that allows us to communicate via email, social media and internet, the vast majority want to work from home.  Even if we don’t have a job that allows us to work from home, we still do work from home when we answer emails, texts and calls.  Whether your job is at an office away from your home, or inside your home, you should be very aware of the dangers that are associated when you work from home. 

I’ve been reading a lot of some of the negative things that can be experienced when you work from home.  I’m sure if you work from home, you may be found these out personally. 

Dinner time!  Are your phones, tablets and other devices left away from the table.  Being glued to your phone after hours can get on the nerves of those around you and may even sabotage your partner’s career.

Too many times, I have been at a family function, around a dinner table or at some other social event and as I look around the area, 50% of the people are actively using their mobile device or table.    It’s dinner time, can you put that device down long enough to enjoy an engaging conversation with those around you?

Here is a small list of the many dangers you may encounter when you work from home. 

KILLING THE MOOD:  Answering an work email, or text while off-hours at home can spread unhappiness that will seep into your home life.  It has been identified in a survey that there is a link between people who answer emails while at home and the spouses or partners who were less happy at home and at work.  This can potentially affect your partner’s work satisfaction and overall performance, even at work.  

WORK-LIFE BALANCE LOST:  There are many ways to bring work home.  Cell phones, however, are the most demanding of our attention which can, in turn, cause a dramatic effect on the marriage and our mental health.  We think that getting that extra email or text answered while home will help reduce the work load for the next day, but eventually this mind set catches up with us on the home-life side of things.   

TIME – A LOST RESOUCE:  “Time” is one of our most precious resources and we must use our time wisely.   If we were to understand how we spend our time, you may see that we can break this time out in three increments.

8 hours for Rest, Relaxation, Rejuvenation:  This is the time we spend sleeping, and renewing our minds and bodies  It’s not to stay that you NEED to sleep 8 hours, but maybe sleep 7 hours, and exercise for an hour.  Maybe you need more sleep and will have to modify this schedule, but this is important for your mental and physical heath, so that you can work and play more efficiently and effectively. 

8 hours for work:  Work is how we survey and feed our families.  We need our jobs to provide for our shelter, our clothing and the food on our tables.  Be present at work mentally, and physically and do your best.  This is true whether you work from home, or your work outside of the home. 

8 hours for family :  Our most precious commodity is our family, but we limit the time with them because we commute to work, we need to home chores, but take this time to do chores together, make it a family effort and be present with each other.  Don’t spend this time on work email, or text or on your another electronic device – unless you are doing it all together.    Quality time with your family is very much needed.  For every minute you use on work during home time, you lose the value resource of time.  

BURNOUT:  Everyone needs to rest and take a break.  We call it vacation.  If you think that things cannot happen without you, you may just find out the hard way that they can go on without you, because you will get burned out, potentially get sick and be down for the count, or worse—the stress could actually kill you!  Take the time to step away, and rest, relax and rejuvenate. 

Employers and employees alike need to realize, respect and protect personal time.  It’s important to take an active role in reducing the level of work that intrudes upon home life.  There is a time to unplug and live life.

If you spend your precious home time resource on work, then someone else is left to pick up the slack of the home chores or that quality time with your family is gone, never to be gotten. 

It is up to us, each individual, to find that perfect work life – home life balance and have our time used for quality moments.  I’ve heard people say that “time is on our side”, but is it really?  The clock keeps ticking and this precious resource is limited.  Work when you need to work, and play when you can play.  There is a good balance to be had.  Find your balance.

Tell us how you manage your time in the comment section below.


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New Year, New You!

If you are like most people you have set some lofty New Year’s resolutions.  Maybe you want to take better care of you body, physically and emotionally.  You may also be looking to make a better bottom line (net income) in your financial life. 

Unless specific goals are set, failure is very likely in more than 80% of the cases.  So don’t set yourself up for failure.  Set specific goals.  Set measurable goals.  Set due dates to meet those goals. 

An example of specific goals that are measurable would be:

“I will lose 20 lbs before June 1”.  From there it is recommend that you break it down in baby steps.  Maybe you would lose 10 lbs by April 1, which would mean 5 lbs, by February 15 and so on…..  Then set your input and output plans together (eating and exercising) and go for it.  Remember to keep the steps and goals achievable, measurable and specific.

Are you looking for a way to make extra money in the New Year?  Maybe you wish to start your own online business.  You already have a job you like, but could use a little more money in your pocket.  You don’t want tied down by a second job.  If you are looking to do something so you can work from home in your spare time to make a little extra money, have you considered an online business?  This, like no other goal, needs to be measurable and specific. 

For instance, if you wish to sell a product or service online, your first goal would be to determine WHAT you will sell.  Set a date on when you plan to have your decision made on what product or products you wish to sell.  An example would be:

“By March 1, I will have decided on the product I want to sell online.”  Between now and then you will need to do research.  I recommend that you look into something that is a passion, or interesting to you.  I also recommend that you consider a theme, rather than one product so that you can focus a little broader as you develop and grow your business.  An example of this would be to pick a “kitchen” theme, rather then selling “blenders”.  You will want a niche, but something that gives you room for expansion so you can sell more than blenders.

Then you can take additional steps with additional goals along the way.  Below are a few steps to take to help get your started:

Figure out what you want to sell

Know “to whom” you plan to sell (target audience)

Learn how to market your product/service

Build a website (yes, you can build it yourself)

Work your new Online Business

Remember to take these steps and others you learn along the way, setting specific goals. 

If you are struggling on how to get started, you are not alone.  Wealthy Affiliate has helped over 100,000 people make money online.  They offer their assistance for FREE, (Yes, for free).  They can help you:

  • Build a website
  • Select a product or service
  • Market your business
  • Learn how to do all of this yourself. 

If you are interested and would like to know more, you can check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking HERE.  This is simply a link for more information on Wealthy Affiliate and will not require you to give any information.

If you are interested and want to get started for FREE right now, click the start button below. 



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Build Your Website – Build Your Business – But HOW?

Have you aspired to own your business?  Have you wondered where to start?  Maybe you have a great product or service to share with the world, but are clueless on how to get started. 

In today’s world of social media, internet and online shoppers, having your own website to promote your product can help you reach millions of people in a very short period of time.  But then again, where do you begin?  Well…., you will need a website.

Things to consider when building your website is knowing your company name.  Select your company name, stick with it and make it your brand.  You can always change the logo, although it is preferred that you try to be consistent for a good while for branding purposes.  Then you can move on to your website. 

The essential step-by-step process for making your own website would be as follows:

Get your domain name.  — This doesn’t have to be your company name, as most people do, but it should reflect what you provide.  For instance, if you provide kitchen appliances, you may want the work “kitchen” in to your domain name.

Choose a Web Host and Sign up for your account.  This is the company that is going to post (or host) your website on the internet.  Some companies can charge a nominal fee of $10 per month.  Others may charge your more, be sure you investigate and compare what they are offering.

Design your website (web pages). – Again there are companies out there than can charge your a hefty penny for their expertise in building websites.  However, it’s a good idea for you to learn to do this yourself because you will be the one that has to maintain it and make changes.  Of course if you have the money and want to pay a maintenance fee to a company to maintain it for you, go for it. 

Test your Website  Be sure to test your website.  Every page may have links to other pages or other sites, you will want to check every page and every link on every page to make sure that they direct people to where you want them to go. 

Get Your Site Noticed:  When you build your website you will want to sign up for google analytics and other google webmaster tools that can help you monitor if your site is being noticed and if you are getting visitors to your site.  Google is great about giving you this information and helping you to create ways to reach more people.

Collect Credit Cards  Once you start getting visitors to your site and they wish to purchase your products, you need to have an avenue to collect credit card payments.  Most people start with using PayPal as it’s the easiest way to get started free.  I suggest using this as you get started, but keep in mind, that there are fees associated and you may be able to find another way to accept money and pay lower fees in the process. So get started with Paypal, but investigate other methods. maybe an option to consider. 

Wealthy AffiliateThe best and easiest way I have found to get all of the above done is with Wealthy Affiliate.  This company can provide you a product to market, can you direct you to getting your domain name, build you site easily, connect with google analytics and webmaster tools and continually teach you on keeping your website fresh, renewed and noticed!  The best part is that you can get started for FREE. 

Feel free to check out my Review on Wealthy Affiliate.  There is no obligation to read the review and see what I’ve learned.  Then if you wish to sign up for free to get started, simply click the start button. 

I’m wishing you all the success in all of your endeavors.

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Work from Home History

The idea to work from home started long before the technology age. It just has simply evolved over the centuries. Actually for hundreds of thousands of years, combining work space and living space was a natural way for families and communities to efficiently pool resources.

Hunters/gatherers would forage for sustenance and would bring back the fruits of their labor to their home. The so-called fruits would be prepared for consumption, and clothing as well as items for protection.

Agriculture-based jobs have also existed for thousands of years.

In Medieval times, work-homes were precursors to what is known today as the open-plan offices. These floors plans, created in the 1950s, were the forerunner to what was later known as the cubicle-based office. Work-Homes were instituted to combine domestic activities for commercial pursuits in one single living space. Cooking, sewing, weaving, sleeping, eating all in one area were done while harvesting, butchery, dairy and other tasks were performed at the other end of the house, but under the same roof.

Then here comes the Industrial Revolution which had a huge impact on where and how people would work. Mostly men, but some women were pulled from their homes to accomplish the tasks at hand. There were those few who were able to have a home-work place which was a hybrid of their street front shops and the living space in the back or upstairs.

The stage was later set for the modern tech-connected home worker. Women were drawn from their homes to non-traditional work places like factories and munitions industry.   What may be surprising is that during this time, the world’s first digital computer was invented. This early innovation was off and running leading the path for personal computers which would shift us back to work from home.

The 1970s brought in the clean air movement, along with gas shortages, high fuel costs. This equated to the perfect scenario and good news for telecommuters. There is little difference between 1973 and now with regard to what remote work looked like. But it does give us some insight into some changes to come.

Government got involved and played a role in normalizing work-from-home jobs. Government embraced this work-from-home change relatively early. Bringing about the Federal Flexible Workplace Pilot Project, this program brought more than 500 workers based in so-called “flexiplaces”. This movement helped to project us to the work-from-home jobs in both government and private organizations.

We have found that between 2005 and 2015, work from home options increased by 115%. It is no longer an extra perk, but rather a requirement for potential employees wanting to work at least one-half of their hours from home. According to research, remote work is on the rise which is good news for those seeking jobs with work-life flexibility.  Many will have hour flexibility and/or remote work as a part of their check list when looking for a job.

Employers are starting to see the light and are embracing the change for work flexibility.

If you are unable to find the job that’s right for you and gives you the flexibility that you desire, consider being your own boss, set your own hours, have the flexibility your deserve and make money online while you work from home. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a program that helps teach you how to find your niche, how to market your product or services.  You can also learn how to build your own website, learn about keywords and carve your way into an online financial future.  Check out this review prepared regarding wealthy affiliate and what it can offer to you. 

If you are interested in working from home, being your own boss, check out this information.

Wealthy Affiliate

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Work-Life Flexibility – Work From Home

One of the biggest and most major of concerns for working professionals is finding a job with flexibility. It’s often times more important that the some of the other many benefits that the employer may have to offer. 

In the last three years the number of people quitting their job because of flexibility issues has nearly doubled. That “work-life” balance is what they are evaluating.

Maybe you relate. The work-life balance can be found when you work from home.  You can make money online working from home in a variety of fields.  Maybe you can even have a conversation with your boss about what benefits your employer would have if you could work from home. 

It’s been proven that many people who work from home actually work more hours, although they are not necessarily traditional hours. The bottom line is that they get the job done and they get it done timely. 

However, not every employer can offer work-from-home opportunities. For instance, a restaurant would need their servers on site to service the patrons.  A nursing home needs their staff at the facility to care for the patients.  However, some locations may have clerical / computer jobs that could be done from home, even if part time at home and part time at work.  Those types of situations could be office work for law firms, accounting firms, or even some doctor offices. 

Maybe working from home in your current employment is not an option, but you still desire the flexibility to work from home and setting your own hours.

     Be a Consultant:  When you have experience in a particular field, you have knowledge from that experience that could help someone else. Embrace the knowledge that you have and work from home by being a consultant and help people solve what ails them. You can work as much or little as you want. You set the schedule and you decide how much you can be paid for your time and expertise.

     Online Teacher or Educator: If you are already a teacher and are looking to get away from the traditional classroom setting, consider teaching online. You can instruct students through the world-wide-web. There are many students out there who are looking to take on-line classes. May colleges offer this now and need teachers to help facilitate this type of activity. You would need to have knowledge in the field and potentially a degree.

     Be a VA:  Are you organized? Do you like to help others be organized and minimum their administrative workload? Then you can be in business for yourself or for another company by being a virtual assistant. Make money online while you work from home helping others be more productive.

     Fashion Assistant: Maybe you have the perfect eye for fashion and can put outfits together. There are many of us out there that cannot quite get it right. Be that personal fashion stylist. The greatest perk is shopping with someone else’s money.

     Graphic Design: Being an artist in today’s world can be easier than in years past because of the technology available. However, when you have a creative mind, you can assist others to make that perfect logo, which is unique and genuine for their business. You can help edit photos and enhance a company’s website – all while you work from home.

     Blogger: If there is a topic of which you are very interested and very knowledgeable, you can share that knowledge as a Blogger. Start your own blog. You will build your wining portfolio in a short period of time and will get on an editor’s radar. This can lead to great potential as a writer and a great way to make money online while you work from home.

     Social Media Manager: Get paid to help others manage their Facebook, twitter, pinterest, or even instagram. How good are you with these platforms? Many people have a great ideas and products to market so that they can make money online, but they cannot manage their social media platforms. Another great opportunity to work from home is for you to offer your services through a couple of these areas. Check out to get started helping others right away. 

     Taxi Service: Most of the listing previously mentioned talks about administrative and computer work. Maybe sitting in front of a computer isn’t for you and you prefer to get out an about. Sign up to be a Lyft or Uber Driver. You can definitely set your own hours and have the work-life balance. It’s not the traditional work-from-home job, but it is flexible. 

     Travel Consultant: Vacation travel plans can be daunting! Airfare rates, hotel options, entertainment opportunities can be overwhelming. If you like to do this type of thing, be that travel consultant for another family or business traveler. You can help people find the discounts and create a memorable trip.

     Be a Customer Shopper or Critic: Many businesses out there ask for secret shoppers to come and explore their business and provide feedback on the products and customer service they experience. Many restaurants are looking for the same with regard to their food and service. You can be a food critic or a hotel evaluator. You simply write reviews and provide the feedback needed for the business to improve and become all that they can be.

  • Wealthy AffiliateBonus Idea: BE YOUR OWN BOSS!  Be an affiliate marketer. There are many ways to work from home and make money online and you don’t have to create your own niche product. But rather find a product or service for which you have passion and market that product or service through an affiliate program. For more information, click here



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Work from Home – Be Healthy & Productive

Good healthThe opportunity to work from home has become more and more prevalent.  With all of the technology and communication types, a person’s does not need to be in the traditional office.  Having face-to-face meetings are no longer needed, with the use of skype and other avenues for communication.

There are some people out there that need the motivation of having others around in order to be productive, however, there are some of us that are distracted by that intrinsic motivation.  Furthermore, health can be a concern if you are forced to sit all day to do your job.

If you are a lucky one to work from home, but struggle with productivity and healthy living, here are a few healthy helpful hints:

Rise and Shine – early and get some exercise.  Whether you watch a video that you follow along, go outside for a 2-mile walk or use your treadmill in the basement, do something that gets the heart pumping for a minimum of 30 minutes.

In that 30 minutes, take the time to organize your thoughts and plan your day.  If you are exercising at home, jot down your “to-do” list while you are on the stationary bike.  Setting this agenda will get your mind started and ready for the day.

Step awayTake a Break – and get that heart pumping again.  People will start to fade in the productivity as the day drags on.  This hits hard especially after the lunch hour.  Break away and break through that mental fatigue by getting physical.   Do jumping jacks, or go for a short, but fast-paced walk.  Get some fresh air.  I do caution you that you do not take too long of a break as you must get back to your productive day.

This not only helps the mental fade, but it also helps to prevent back pain, which is often found to occur when sitting too long and too often.

Hand and Eye Awareness:  If you work from home, than you probably sit near aKeyboard computer most of the day.  Excessive typing can lead to challenges with carpal tunnel or other “aching hand” issues.   Be sure that you have the proper protection for your hands.  There are proper keyboard to help prevent this pain.

Blurry vision and problems focusing are two common symptoms that you are straining your eyes.  Staring a Computer Glassescomputer all day can be the problem.  This can cause headaches, and other vision challenges that can reduce your productivity.  You may want to try a pair of computer glasses from Felix Gray.  They filter blue light and eliminate glare.  By reducing these, you an reduce the chance of eye strain.

Some people think that those who work from home have it easy,  sleep in late, stay in their pajamas all day and are not necessarily as productive.  The truth is that some are more productive in the traditional work space, while others are productive when they work from home.  The important thing, whether you work from home, or work outside the home, you need to be productive and stay healthy.  A healthy person is always going to be more productive at the end of the day / year!

If you are interested in a chance to work from home and make money online, consider affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate



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Work from Home for a Work-Home Life Balance

Work Life Home Life BalanceFinding that work-home life balance has been a struggle for decades.  With the new normal need for most households to have two incomes, finding the time to do everything is hard.  For single parents with one income, this becomes even more challenging.  Working parents, especially, find it difficult to create that balance between work life and home life. 

Dealing with domestic work and working the professional job becomes a huge juggling act.  You are lucky if you have two adults in the household to help with this juggling act.  Even dividing and conquering the shuttling of kids, domestic chores and your “day jobs” can still create some chaos. 

Helpful TipsHowever, this work-life / home-life balance is a must.  If you choose to work for life and don’t want to fail your family, you may want to consider these helpful tips. 

Flexible Hour Job:   In today’s world of the internet, you can be given the opportunity to work from home in many industries.  Finding the job that allows you to work from home can give you flexible hours you need to be available for the family.  In most cases when you work from home, you can set your own hours.  Maybe you work better after the kids are in bed.  Maybe you work better very early in the morning before the family is up and running.  

Maybe you don’t want to be stuck behind a computer all day, but would rather do a delivery service.  Doing deliveries in the middle of the day when the kids are in school maybe the perfect job for you.  There are so many opportunities.  If you google “work from home jobs” you will find more opportunities than your brain can wrap around. 

It's Ok to Not Be PerfectBe OK:   To create a work-life balance, you may find that you are not perfect and cannot perform all of the jobs at 100% all of the time.  That is OK.  If you are able to balance your time between work and home, you are perfect.  You and your family do not need to have the full 6 course meal every night for dinner after you have worked an 8 or 10 hour day.  On the other hand, it’s OK to take a day of work now and then.  A good employee does take time to rejuvenate themselves. 

I’m not an advocate of calling off work, but arranging to take some time off ahead of time is fair to your employer, good for your family but most importantly great for your soul! 

When you take time for yourself, you are refreshed and ready to go to be the best for your family and your job.

Delegate / Find Support:  You need a partner.  A successful person doesn’t do it alone.  It take a team.  It takes delegation and support to help get everything done.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  At work, maybe you have an assistant that could do more for you, but you don’t ask.  Why not?  Maybe you have a partner at home that can help with things, but they don’t because you just do it.  

Even if you work from home, you still need support because you still have work to do to be successful.  Whether you fill your hours with work outside the home, a job where you work from home, or domestic chores, you still need help to be successful! 

Team Effort:  Together Everyone Achieves MoreTo make sure you find the work-life balance you must share the responsibilities with others who can help you.  At work, find a partner who can share in your duties.  At home, find a partner (even if you have to pay an outsider to assist with the domestic chores).  I’m sure you heard the term “TEAM”  Together Everyone Achieves More.  Build your team!

Free up your time so that you can have that work life / home life balance. 

Re-evaluate how your spend your time, how your spend the resources your have. 

Re-align your time and resources to give you that work life / home life balance.  Your employer and your family will benefit from this. 

Last but not least, this will give you time for yourself.  Re-invent yourself.  Take time to exercise or do your hobby or simply take that bubble bath! 

If you choose to work from home, read my article “Work From Home Opportunities” for some opportunities from which you can choose to make money online, using your computer while you work from home. 

Time to enjoy life while you are living it! 


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Work From Home – Successful Traits

Some of us like the hustle and bustle of going out and about for our career.  Others, however, would prefer to work from home and avoid the traffic, the workplace drama and the travel time.  However, do you have the right personality to work from home?

Have you taken the personality test that identifies you as one of the four personality types?.  Did it tell you that you are suited to work from home?  Not necessarily.  This personality test is taken assuming everyone is working together in an office environment.  This test doesn’t apply to a world where virtual reality threatens workplace offices, potentially making them obsolete.

There are those who can work from home and be successful.  It depends on what you wish to accomplish and your personality.  For instance, if you want to author a book, you could work from home.  You could even potentially have it published without ever leaving your home.

There are several personality traits that we may find in people who are highly successful when they work from home.

Introvert:  Those persons who have the introverted characteristic, will find the work place a bit daunting.  They are the ones that you will find in their office or cubicle, focused on their job and not necessarily joining in with the office chatter.  The extravert, however, thrives on the conversations, the input and workplace camaraderie.  Working from home could drive the extravert crazy because they need the social interaction.  The introvert can have enough social interactive virtually and be happy while they work from home.

Disciplined:  The person who will work from home needs to be a self-started and self-disciplined.  They can set a routine and stick with it.  When you work in an office with others, there are two sources of external motivation:   Peer Pressure AND The Boss looking over your shoulder.  Without these external motivation, a person who would work from home could potentially play video games all day and get nothing else done – unless that is what they get paid for.  There is the general house work, kids homes from school, and accessible food that could be temptations to keep you from getting your work done.  With this all said, you need to be self-disciplined and set a routine you can stick with.

Computer and Technical Literate:  When you work outside of the home, you would have an IT department or expert on staff that can help with any computer or other equipment challenges.  When you work from home, you are IT.  So I recommend that you either have a very good IT company you can get quick assistance close by, or you become very comfortable solving those glitch issues.  When you work from home, like most other jobs, time is money and you don’t want to spend a lot of unproductive hours trying to fix a problem.

Ability To Sell:  When you go on an interview, you sell yourself to the company and if you have done a good job, you receive the reward of employment.  You continue to sell yourself simply by showing up and doing your job.  When you work from home, however, this is not the case.  If you work from home for a company, you may be continually selling yourself by creating more reports, stats and other information to prove the job you are paid to do is getting done.  If you have your own company, and you work from home to make money online, you are continually selling yourself and your company to the general populations.  Understanding your target audience and selling your niche is an important trait to be successful.

I wish you much success in your endeavors.  Should you have questions for additional suggestions, or have suggestions to share, please comment below. 

Wealthy Affiliate



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Beware and Avoid Scams

We all will be looking for ways to make a little extra money at different times of the year or in different times of our life.  Here are few helpful hints to help prevent being caught in scam. 

     1.  If they offer you a large sum of money for a simple task to be done, you should be cautious.  It’s likely you will do a job, but not get paid, or may end of paying out instead. 

     2.  When they refuse to give you the full details in writing.  Ask for complete information in writing. Look carefully at any documentation provided to make sure it answers all of your questions. If the “employer” won’t give details, or doesn’t respond to questions, don’t do business with them.

      3.  Unsolicited Job offers.—. If you receive an offer out of nowhere for a job and you had not applied, it’s probably a scam.  Do not give them any information, especially your social security number or bank account information. 

     4.   High pressure to commit.  If someone is pressuring to “start now” with them, don’t!  It’s more likely a selling technique rather than a job opportunity.  Don’t be in a hurry to accept an unsolicited offer, or to make a business investment, particularly if the other party is pressuring you to commit and spend money now. Google and do your research on the company first!  There is never a deal so good that you cannot walk away from it. 

 Giving away money    5.   Asking for up-front money.    Why would you pay someone else to work for them when they should be paying you.  If they as you for money upfront, it should throw up a red flag to you.  You never pay money to start a job. 

     6.  Beware of imposters. There are those “not so nice” guys out there who love to impersonate real employers. If you come across a job listing that looks like it’s from a recognizable company, take the time to double check on the company’s official website. If you do not find the position listed on their website, it’s likely a scam. 

     7.  Avoid job opportunities with companies that do not provide a physical location or address.  A valid phone number and website should be available as well, however, a website and phone number is not enough proof that the business actually exists. 

     8.  If you do decide to take a leap of faith and wire your money, consider it a lesson learned and that money is gone forever.  You just may have been scammed!  Scam artisits will often ask for you to wire or send money first.  DON’T! 

There are valid businesses out there that are asking for help from those of us who wish to work from home.  You can find them.  Just do your homework.  Google them.  Check out the website.  Talk to a real person about the job and get your questions answered before you ever sign up.  You should never send money to get started.  When you work, you get paid, you don’t pay.  Keep that in mind. 

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