Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

If you want to make money online and wish to use the method of affiliate marketing, you may have found that you can never have too much information.

Too many times, we find the need to do something and do not know how to go about doing it.

There are so many “how to” books out there on ways to make money online, to launch and internet business and accomplish affiliate marketing.

Amazon has a plethora of how-to books. If you open Amazon and ask about “affiliate marketing, you will get a list of various books, e-books to learn your way around.

Amazon info to consider

Affiliate Marketing for beginners


May I recommend the Affiliate Marketing for beginners:



If you don’t like this one in particular, select from a list of many HERE


“How to…” Make Money Online

Sometimes, we just can’t find the right information and look in the wrong places, but we are determined to make money online. We know that other people do and why can’t we do the same. We deserve the same opportunities to be able to work from home, make money online and live our dreams.

Maybe you would like to find the right book. Amazon  has many books online that you can purchase and sometimes even get free shipping.

Here is one book that I have found very helpful in my quest.How to make money online book

For a list of other great books to make money online, click here


Make Money Online with Affiliates

If you are wanting to learn how to make money online, you may way to consider affiliate marketing.  When you chose the affiliate marketing option, you never have to worry about products, shipping, inventory, dropshipping and even in most cases, the dreaded sales tax.

When you choose an online business that requires the delivery of products, sales tax could be incurred for you and your buyers.  Time can be spent on ordering, packaging, shipping and managing inventory. 

I enjoy affiliate marketing. for making money online.  Every day you could choose another program and add it to your list of affiliate programs that you can market.  Your simple job would be to market the products and services of another business and you receive a commission.  You would not have any inventory to manage, and no shipping to consider.   So give it some thought. 

You can easily find affiliate program in which to market by searching individually, or by joining these two programs for FREE.  They will provide you with many affiliate programs from which to choose. 

          Share a sale

          Flex Offers

If you don’t even know where to get started and want to build your own website so that you can market an affiliate program, consider WEATHY AFFILIATE

Don’t hesitate, start your bright future today and make money online. Review

PRODUCT_NAME    Flexoffers
Overall Ranking:      7 out of 10
Price:                              $0  to sign up

Similar to Share-A-Sale, this is a stepping stone to get you to various affiliate programs.  There is no start up costs, you simply apply to be part of the FlexOffers program.  Once you are approved with your website, you can then join many affiliate programs. provides a location for publishers (Affiliate marketers) and Advertisers (vendors/merchants) to work together.  

As an advertiser with there are monthly fees, however, as a publisher, there are no fees to be registered with, however, as you consider becoming an affiliate with some of their participating Advertisers, fees may apply.  Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each Advertiser/merchant with whom you may wish to do business.  

Each Advertiser/Merchant has their own rules and regulations with regarding to publishing rights and varying payment terms for publishing their products and services.  



Consider the pros and cons with which reviewing the various merchant information before committing to anything.


  1. Sign up for free
  2. No fees or payment required to stay involved 
  3. Simple and easy application process 
  4. Many various Advertisers/Merchants from which to choose
  5. Easy Website to navigate
  6. Great reporting system and easy to understand


  1. Read the terms and conditions.  There are many dos and don’ts listed.  This reads like a book, however it is easy to understand.
  2. There is no commission paid to you, should you refer to another.  Your commissions are earned by promoting merchants within the program.  
  3. Each merchant will have their own terms and conditions in which to abide.  


If you are great with research and can easily find your own affiliate programs and you have your own way of tracking your sales, you may not want to use this program.  However, if you have no clue where to start, need help in finding affiliate programs with good payouts and would require help with tracking your sales and commissions, this program is for you.



I welcome feedback and comments on the above matter.  Please share your experience!

Always Learning

Learning something new is an every day occurrence for me. How about you? Sometimes it’s the little things in life that I learn new just by happen-stance. Sometimes I actively seek to learn more about something, but regardless I find that I ame never too old to learn something new.

You may find yourself reading a book and learning a new word, working along side a person younger that you who has more experience in a field that you and is willing and eager to share their knowledge. Take advantage of every situation. Keep your brain active, you body moving and realize that there is so much life and living going on around you that you can always learn something.

Maybe watching the deer in your backyard will teach you how they communicate. Maybe watching a child play with building blocks will help you understand their learning pattern. Consider googling a word that you heard today and was not exactly sure what it meant, to gets its true meaning.

Continue to learn, continue to grow and continue to teach so that others can learn something new every day, too!


Happy to hear your comments below:

Faith In Yourself

We all have times, many times, that we doubt ourselves. It’s part of life to question our ability, our judgment and our decisions. Life is about making choices. We hope and pray that we make the right choice and make the correct decisions. There are times that we realize that possibly the other choice option may have been the better option, but we had made a choice and now we live with it. But who says you can’t change your mind? Who says that you can’t make that choice, the right choice? Often times, even changing our minds, changing our decision is still a choice. You can only make the best choice with the information you have. Change your mind if you must, but only if it’s your decision and YOU feel is the best for you and your business. Making choices in life and in business is what we do. If we fail by the decision made, don’t think of it as failure, but a lesson learned. The next decision can and will get you closer to success. Keep the faith in yourself, and your abilities.

You Can!

“I think I can!”  Isn’t that the famous line from Thomas the Train?  You can when you think you call.  It’s all about your belief.  

Our minds can fill us with negative thoughts and ideals of failure. ​We need to change our mindsets to a positive belief.  We say to ourselves that many “people make money online.  Surely I can do it, too!  I’ve got drive and motivation.  I can make money online, too!”

Then we make a commitment, get started and begin to fill our minds with negative thoughts like:  “This should take so long”.  “I can’t do this”.  “I don’t know anyone personally that has made money online, why do I think I an do it”, so we give up.  

Its important that we keep the positive thoughts during the entire process so that we can begin to have belief that we can.  We need to continuing on the track of “I think I can” or better yet – “I know I can! …. and I will!”.  

It’s stems on your belief in yourself that will help you to continue every little step you need to make to keep moving forward toward that success you strive for. 

Keep you belief positive.  Have faith in yourself!  Believe!  YOU CAN!

Success is Yours

Success is yours for the taking.  

What is your definite of success?  

The Definition of Success can be different for everyone. 

Happiness + Constant Improvement + Contribution = Success  (The Minimalists)

Favorable Achievement, Good Fortune (Webster Dictionary)

The most important thing to finding your success is to know the meaning of success in your personal life.  The true definition or meaning of success goes way beyond the common definitions of success, such as having a lot of money, being wealthy, having a lot of tangibles and earned degrees.  

Most of us are looking for the best way and potentially the easiest way to become successful in business, whether we are working the typical 9-5 job, the job of our dreams or working from home in our pajamas while we make money online.   But is that really success if you alone with no one to share it with? 

You cannot measure true success in life with the above named factors, but instead with the amount of people that are able to live a better and more advanced life because of what you created.   It cannot be measured by the number of trophies people are collecting in their lives. Media and society lets us often conclude that living a successful life means to be extraordinarily wealthy and have a lot of tangibles. But the meaning of success is to live a happy life and to make this world a better place for everyone.

To Laugh

To laugh often and much,to win respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.

This is to have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ebay Affiliate Review

PRODUCT_NAME    eBay Affiliate Program
Overall Ranking:      6 out of 10
Price:                              $0 – Sign up

I guess I should have not been surprise that eBay would have an affiliate program.  There seems to be an affiliate program for MANY of the sites I’ve researched.  I am happy to say that I would recommend being an affiliate of eBay as a way to make money online.

It does not cost you any money to make money online being an affiliate marketer with eBay.  It’s great that you can market other peoples items as well as your own.  The best part is that you can sell your products through eBay, promote it from your eBay affiliate account and make money selling your items as well as additional monetary income by promoting your products from your website to your eBay affiliate link.  It seems like double dipping, but it is completely legal.  Like many others, it’s free to sign up.  You do all money transfer through paypal as well. 




  1. Sign up is completely free, no cost
  2. Great instructional tutorial to walk you through getting started
  3. Easy to read instructions, and Affiliate program agreement
  4. Ability to make money online by promoting your own products – referring to eBay from your website
  5. Ability to process payments from your product sales and eBay affiliate rewards directly through paypal.


  1. Terms and Conditions are easy to read, but VERY lengthy
  2. There is a approval process to join the group and it can take from 1 – 10 days for approval.
  3. There are FEW links already created.  You will have to create your own links in eBay to copy and past into your website.  THIS IS DIFFICULT!


If you have your own store, or items on sale with eBay, you may want to be an affiliate with eBay as well.  You can drive business from your website, earn rewards with eBay for driving sales, while earning a nice income selling your own items. 

When you drive traffic to an eBay site and it converts into a Winning Bid or Buy It Now purchase, you’ll earn a percentage of the sale. Essentially, the more revenue your traffic generates for eBay, the more you’ll be paid.

Pricing is based on a set of category-level commission rates, ranging from 40% to 80%. You can earn even more with a 200% bonus by driving new and reactivated eBay buyers to purchase.

In terms of payments, eBay affiliates who have accumulated earnings of at least $25 in their home currency (USD, Euro, CAD, AUD, GBP) are paid each month. We offer two methods of payment—you can choose either direct deposit (available in 11 countries) or PayPal, and both options are free.

Commissions pay out percentages as of January 9, 2016

PARTS & ACCESSORIES 70% 80% 75% 70%
FASHION 65% 80% 75% 80%
HOME & GARDEN 65% 80% 75% 75%
LIFESTYLE 65% 80% 75% 75%
COLLECTIBLES 60% 50% 75% 40%
ELECTRONICS 55% 65% 75% 55%
BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL 50% 50% 75% 50%
MEDIA 50% 40% 75% 40%
VEHICLES 50% 80% 75% 50%
ALL OTHER 50% 50% 75% 50%
NEW OR REACTIVATED BUYER BONUS (as % of Baseline Earnings) +200% +100% +100% +200%



The eBay Affiliate program is a great opportunity with a high opportunity of commission.  I recommend this program as good start, especially for those who are selling their own products on eBay already. 




ShareASale Review is a good way to start your affiliate marketing campaign to make money online.  

Overall Ranking:      7 out of 10
Price:                              $0 – NO COSTS

If you do not know where to look to find an affiliate program, this could be the program for you.  When you join this network, you will gain access to a vast array of other affiliate programs.  It provides a quick and easy-to-read status of each merchant.  

All of your merchant payments are paid into and once your commission reaches the amount of $50 or more, they will see that you are paid.  

There is no fee to part of this program, and you are NEVER requested to send money to them.  Please note, however, if you account becomes inactive for a 6-month period of time, they can charge you an administration fee of $25 month, or until the account is closed.  Basically, if you have a balance between $25 and$50, in your inactive account, they will deduct this money as a fee, for the next two months, and then close your account, due to inactivity.  

There is a tracking and reporting system that covers all of your affiliate programs that you join within ShareASale.  There is NO commission or bonus that I have seen for referring ShareAsale to another person.  


Every group you join will have pros and cons about them.  Here is my take on it.  


  1. A VAST list of affiliate programs that you can compare based  on commission payouts
  2. Great tracking and reporting system for all of the affiliate programs that you join within
  3. Detailed information on each merchant, the commission payouts to affiliates, etc.  
  4. No fee to be paid in order to be part of this group
  5. Easy-to-read and comprehend terms and conditions.  


  1. Read the terms and conditions.  There are many dos and don’ts listed.  This reads like a book, however it is easy to understand.
  2. There is no commission paid to you, should you refer to another potential affiliate marketer.  Your commissions are earned by promoting merchants within  
  3. Each merchant will have their own terms and conditions in which to abide.  



If you are great with research and can easily find your own affiliate programs and you have your own way of tracking your sales, you may not want to use this program.  However, if you have no clue where to start, need help in finding affiliate programs with good payouts and would require help with tracking your sales and commissions, this program is for you.


I welcome feedback and comments on the above matter.  Please share your experience!