Jaaxy Affiliate Review

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    JAAXY AFFILIATE PROGRAM — a keyword search tool….

    PRODUCT_NAME Jaaxy Affiliate ProgramJaaxy
    Overall Ranking: 8 out of 10
    Price: $0 – 1st 30 searches
    Website: Jaaxy.com

    When you build your website and engage in the content therein, you need to utilize keywords. What keywords do you use? How do you go about finding the right keywords to use?

    Jaaxy is a keyword search tool that can help you figure all of that out. You can find out what are the most common ways ideas are searched by using this tool.

    The use of this keyword search tool is FREE for your first 3o searches. After you have exhausted your 30 uses, you would need to purchase the “PRO” or “ENTERPRISE” memberships in order to continue. Below is a chart of what is included in your FREE, PRO or ENTERPRISE options. (for a more clear view, click here)


    Starting for free is always a good thing. Why buy before you try, right?



    1. FREE trial- giving you 30 keyword searches
    2. Instructions with use
    3. Site Analytics
    4. Website analyzer
    5. Keyword list manager
    6. No time limit to use the 30 keyword search


    1. Does not sort data for you (in free trial period)
    2. Only 30 searches, so be mindful of what you ask (when using free trial period)
    3. Always a catch…. some of the data is not readily available in the free trial period, but once you have become a member, you have unlimited search options and information at your fingertips.


    Yes, this is a great program. This is a program from which you can enhance your website, selling all of your products within your niche. This program can help you find the proper keywords necessary to use in your website content. Meanwhile, as you maintain your membership, you can become an affiliate of this program and make money online from marketing this program as well.


    After CAREFUL review of this website against many others, I believe this to be the best keyword search tool available on the market today.




    I welcome feedback and comments below on the above matter. Please share your experience!

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